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Campsite rules

Admission conditions

To be admitted to enter, set-up and stay on the site, this must be approved by the manager who is required to keep the campsite in good order and ensure respect of these site rules. Staying on the campsite implies acceptance of these rules and agreement too comply with them.


Pitches for up to 6 people, 1 tent / caravan, 1 car / van / camper van. Vehicles must be parked on the pitch indicated by the manager.


Visitors will be admitted after informing the managers of their presence. However, for reasons of insurance access to the pool is not allowed.

Noise and silence

Absolute silence is required from 11pm-8am. Guests on the campsite are asked to respect the site's calm and tranquillity by avoiding all noise that may bother their neighbours:

  • loud discussions
  • sound devices
  • closing car boots and doors

Driving and parking of vehicles

  • The speed on the campsite is restricted to 10km/hr.
  • Driving is prohibited from 10pm-8am; access to the campsite will be prohibited.
  • All guests should park their vehicle on their pitch.
  • In case of early departure you park your car outside the campsite please.

Swimming pool

  • The pool is open 10am-12pm and 2pm-7pm.
  • children under 12 must be accompanied by their parents.
  • access is via a footbath with a compulsory shower
  • shoes must be left outside
  • bathing is only permitted if you are wearing a bathing suit; shorts and Bermuda shorts are strictly prohibited.
  • No diving, pushing, running, smoking or eating
  • rough games are not permitted; this also applies to the beaches
  • animals are prohibited


  • Starting year 2021, the LittleCarpeDiem no longer accepts dogs.

Respecting the site

Each guest is required to respect the cleanliness, hygiene and surroundings of the site and its facilities, particularly the sanitary blocks:

  • The sanitary block with laundry can be used from 8,00 to 20,00.
  • wastewater must be emptied into the installations provided for this purpose
  • waste must be disposed of in the containers, sorted into the bins provided for this at the site's entrance and at reception for newspapers/magazines and batteries
  • the drying of laundry must be as discreet as possible, respecting your neighbours, and must not be hung from the trees (no nails in the trees!)
  • the plantations and flower beds must be respected
  • the pitch must be kept in the state guests found it in when they arrived


  • fires are strictly prohibited
  • camping stoves must not be used in dangerous conditions
  • In case of fire, contact the management immediately
  • extinguishers are available if required
  • a first-aid kit can be found at reception and in the courtyard
  • we recommend that guests take precautions against theft
  • children must always be supervised by their parents


These site rules are displayed in the reception and on the information board at the entrance to the campsite and the sanitary blocks. They are available to guests on request.

Tourist tax

The tourist tax is 0.66 € per person per night. The fixed tourist tax is collected on behalf of the municipality and the department.

Police formalities

Any person staying on the site for at least one night must provide the manager with one piece of identification beforehand and comply with any police formalities. Minors not accompanied by their parents will only be admitted with written permission from the latter.

Breach of the site rules

If the site rules are repeatedly breached, the manager reserves the right to terminate the accommodation contract and to call the local police.

See you soon at the campsite Little Carpe Diem - Les Olivettes ...

Emergency phone numbers:

  • Ambulance (doctor): 15
  • Fire brigade: 18
  • Police: 17
  • Emergency European number (mobile): 112

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See you soon at the campsite Little Carpe Diem - Les Olivettes ...