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Tourism and leisure in Haute Provence

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Gorges de Trévans

The gorges de Trévans are classified as a biological reserve. The fauna in the gorges is varied and there is a remarkably diverse range of Mediterranean plants, hence its classification as a biological reserve.

At the entrance to the village of Estoublon, take the narrow road to the right, just after the bridge. When you get to the small hamlet, turn right into the Estoublaise valley. There is a car park for you to leave your car in and then you can cross the river on foot.

Les Gorges de Trévans_7

Durance river

From Pourcelles, some breathtaking walks await you along the Durance.

Ballade au bord de la Durance

Esparron lake

Esparron lake is 30 mins (40km) from les Olivettes. The lake offers plenty of leisure options. There are no motorboats, you can hire pedalos, electric boats or simply enjoy the beach on the rocks with a good picnic by the water!

Lac d'Esparron

Buissonnades lake in Oraison

Buissonnades lake is located to the south of the municipality of Oraison. It is a bathing lake for water sports and there is a fishing pond. There is a botanical path around the lake (approx. 2 km). Start: bottom of the car park by the picnic table (blue sign). The paths around the three bodies of water total approx. 3km of pedestrian walks.

Lac de la Buissonnade

Les Mées

The village is situated at an altitude of 410m and is 11km; it is located at the foot of the rocky cliffs created by erosion of Les Pénitents. This is a remarkable curiosity and you can take a beautiful walk along the path departing from Ravine de la Combe. Les Mées is also renowned for the quality of its olive oil. Restaurant Pizzeria L'olivier 30 Bd de la République 04190 Les Mées 04 92 34 33 04

Les MéesLes PénitentsLes PénitentsLes Pénittents

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The town is located between the confluence of the Durance and the Asse just 4km from the campsite. The municipality of Oraison is situated between Luberon and Verdon. You can stroll through the village streets and enjoy a drink from one of the many fountains containing drinking water.

Village OraisonVillage OraisonVillage OraisonFontaine d'OraisonVillage OraisonVillage OraisonVillage OraisonVillage OraisonVue depuis le haut du village d'OraisonChemin menant au Camping Les Olivettes

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La Brillanne

The village is situated at an altitude of 349m and 7km from the campsite in the Durance valley; the Lauzon crosses the municipality and receives waters from the Beveron before flowing into the Durance. The station is at the foot of the village of La Brillanne, at the start of the road that crosses the Durance and lead to the neighbouring municipality of Oraison, which faces la Brillanne on the right bank.

Gare La Brillanne - Oraison

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The village is situated at an altitude of 700 metres and is just 19km from the campsite. The Alifant Observatory is a must-see. Local bistro: Restaurant Nouer Local Produce and Seasonal Cuisine, Place du Village 04700 Puimichel Tel/fax 04 92 74 98 10

Moule de PuimichelVue de Puimichel


GANAGOBIE monastery is located in the Haute Provence Alps in the south of France. It lies between Sisteron and Manosque on a steep plateau overlooking the Durance valley.

Prieuré de GanagobieVue de la Durance depuis le Prieuré de Ganagobie



The village is located on the north side of the Luberon just 21km east of the campsite.

Eglise de DauphinVillage Dauphin


The village is situated between Forcalquier and La-Brillanne just 10km from the campsite. Le café de Niozelles place du village 04300 Niozelles Tel.: 04 92 73 10 17Niozelles

Bistrot de NiozellesVillage Nioe


Mane is situated between Forcalquier and Manosque just 21km from the campsite. Within the Forcalquier countryside, Mane is nestled between rock and farmland. Its exceptional heritage, its intact fortifications and many sites including the Salagon Priory will attract your curiosity, your gaze and let you enjoy this cocoon.

Vue de ManeVillage ManePrieuré de Salagon

prieuré de Salagon


At an altitude of 600m and situated between Oraison and Bras d’Asse just 11km from the campsite, a breathtaking view awaits you.

Vue depuis Entrevennes

Riez, Roman city

Located in the heart of the Valensole plateau between an altitude of 473m and 680m just 34km from the campsite. A village full of character located in the heart of the regional natural park of Verdon. You will love the many treasures this village boasts. You will also be able to stroll in the shade of its trees by the washhouses and fountains. At the periphery of many areas of activity, between relaxation and discovery, this is a small corner of paradise to please all your senses.


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At an altitude of between 381 and 740m and just 15km from the campsite. Village located on the right bank of the Durance opposite the municipality of Les Mées. On the banks of the Durance, Peyruis reveals the ruins of its feudal castle. You will be captivated by its Provincial atmosphere and its cosy bistros. You can take a walk along the Durance and enjoy its calm and tranquillity.

Le village PeyruisPeyruis centreLes maisons de PeyruisLes ruelles de PeyruisVue de Les Mées depuis PeyruisVue depuis le village PeyruisLes alentours de PeyruisVue depuis le village PeyruisVue depuis le village Peyruis

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At an altitude of between 290m and 651m and just 20km from the campsite. Along the lavender trail through the village of Valensole, you'll find a relaxing spot and a surprising local landscape. Many discoveries await you at the entrance to the regional natural park of Verdon. Valley of the sun, you'll love wandering between almond trees and lavender fields; you won't be short of surprises.

Lavande à la fin du mois de juin à ValensoleLavande à la fin du mois de juinLavande à la fin du mois de juinLavande à la fin du mois de juinLavande à la fin du mois de juinLavande à la fin du mois de juinLavande à la fin du mois de juinLa lavande à la fin du mois du juin

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